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Pregnant Woman

>> Ante Natal Care

Antenatal care is the care you get during your pregnancy. It's sometimes called pregnancy care or maternity care.

>> High Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is one of greater risk to the mother or her fetus than an uncomplicated pregnancy. Pregnancy places additional physical and emotional stress on a woman’s body.

>> Normal (Labor) Delivery

Normal childbirth includes a labour that begins spontaneously, usually between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy.

>> Painless Labor

Painless delivery refers to the use of an epidural injection which is given by an anaesthesiologist for pain relief during labour. It is injected in the lower back, and a plastic tube is placed through which drugs are released around the spinal cord and the pain during labour is felt less and bearable.

>> Post Partum Services

The postpartum period refers to the first six weeks after childbirth. This is a joyous time, but it's also a period of adjustment and healing for mothers. During these weeks, you'll bond with your baby and you'll have a post-delivery checkups.

>> Complex Obstetrics

Complex obstetric surgery means all types of operations during pregnancy regarding the conditions that could be a risk for maternal and fetal morbidity. It includes all kind of services for surgical and medical diseases in pregnancy. Women suffering from pregnancy related problems are increasing.

>> Screening Tests

A screening test is performed as a preventative measure – to detect a potential health problem or disease in someone that doesn't yet have signs or symptoms. The purpose of screening is early detection; helping to reduce the risk of disease, or to detect a condition early enough to treat it most effectively.

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