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>> Fetal Medicine

Specialised care and treatment of fetus at risk is fetal encompasses  specialised treatment of such women.


>> Prenatal Ultrasound

Ultrasonography allows detection of many major malformations and is important modality to assess fetal well being by Doppler ultrasonography..


>>Fetal Aneuploidies

Prenatal detection of fetal aneuploidies. Common chromosomal causes can be detected by screening blood tests.


>>Amniocentesis, Chorionic villous biopsy

These are diagnostic test carried out to test for chromosomal, genetic abnormalities.


>> Fetal reductions

These are done in multifetal gestations like triplets , quadruplets, quintuplets and rarely twins in order to increase chances of survival and near term or term delivery of surviving fetus.


>> Intrauterine procedures

In special circumstances, intrauterine fetal procedures like fetal pleural tapping, fetal bladder drainage, intraamniotic medicine instillation, intrauterine transfusions.

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